Fear. Fear is one of the most common and likely things to occur. An average person has the sensation of fear on a daily basis in almost everything around him. The duty, the will, the option. Fear can lead to many things. One of the most dangerous of them for example; anxiety. Anxiety is a major issue. Anxiety can kill. Anxiety is poison.

As much as I keep telling myself to avoid being nervous. I always end up following a different direction.  My whole life has been this way, full of anxiety, even about the most minor and ordinary stuff. My mother used to say when I was little; “My dear, there’s no rush on growing up. Enjoy your simple life now”. And she couldn’t have been more right.  Now that I’m without her, I deeply feel the meaning of her words right through my bones.

In other words, many of us have a life but how many are actually living it? Fear is no answer to that but can easily be the termination. As long as we keep our fingers crossed waiting for nothing. Fearing to react, fearing to live our lives the way we are supposed to. This is the definition of ridiculousness. This needs to change, this must change.

But then again there are years and years of same old habits. Can we ever be brave enough for something like this (change)?

To be continued xx                             



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