Protect what’s yours

I am a movie addict. And I mean it, literally. A movie that has marked my life is an action drama by one of my favorite directors James Wan and it’s called Death Sentence.

Death Sentence or Η Θανάσιμη Καταδίκη, is a film which tells the story of a mild-mannered man Nick Hume (played by Kevin Bacon) who is having a perfect life and so a perfect family. He is more than happy alongside his wife Helen (played by Kelly Preston) and two sons, Brendan (played by Stuart Lafferty) and Luke (played by Jordan Garrett). One gruesome night however changes everything as his eldest son Brendan is murdered by a new gang member and the younger brother of the gang’s leader Billy Darley (played by Garrett Hedlund). Transformed by grief, Nick goes after the person who ended his son’s life and finds himself in an endless hunting with many following deadly consequences.

Besides the interesting plot and characters, this movie also includes an amazing soundtrack. Well filmed scenes and excellent performances.  James Wan never fails to offer you what you desperately need on screen, awesomness. Moral of the story; Justice is far beyond from what you think. Everybody thinks they’re right in a war. Just watch it!

To be continued xx death_sentence_poster_contest_by_c0g_graph1x


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