The Pure Ones

Look how beautiful the world is out there. Though there are so many obstacles and sad situations, look at the sea, the sky and the sun. Take a deep breath and feel the energy of life. Look at the mistakes, and then look at your achievements and the ones that are to come. You have an immense power and you have me by your side and I will never leave your hand…if you ever fall again, I’ll be there to hug you and show you that everything is possible.

Precise words coming out of the mouth of a very special person in my life.  There are moments like these I’m grateful for making some people a priority since they rightfully deserve to be. If there’s a massive human hater out there, then that’s probably me. But not all humans are the same. They’re rare but they’re real. We come up to a conclusion most of the times that we see humans but no humanity. Oh boy. If only more of us knew how to properly open our eyes and figure to acknowledge.

True friends are like diamonds. Precious and rare. False friends are like leaves, found everywhere. – Anonymous

To be continued. xx                       large




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