It’s all about the spirit

Bilingualism [bahy-ling-gwuh-liz-uh m or, Canadian,ling-gyoo-uh-]

1. the ability to speak two languages fluently.
2. the habitual use of two languages.
3. Canadian. a government-supported program encouraging all citizens toacquire a knowledge of both English and French.
(source of meaning; 

As it may be already obvious, english is not my mother tongue. But I’ve been learning/using english for over twelve years estimated. It’s a language I have a deep connection to and love wholeheartedly. My mother tongue is greek.  A language I also feel incredibly proud and lucky to be fluent in as it is one of the oldest languages in the world. As a result of knowing both english and greek, I’ve been coping with many privileges as well as many difficulties in my daily routine. I often forget greek words but remember their english meaning and vice versa.  However, I think it’s something natural and that multilingual people are truly gifted. It’s very nice to expand your knowledge and educate yourself with not only the language but also history and tradition of many different countries. It’s extremely interesting. Future updates are to be expected in both languages. It’s all about how you can express yourself better.  I, personally, have days where I’m inspirational at both languages but also at only one of them. You can’t really predict what a day shall bring to you. In any case.

To be continued xx                        athens-dubai-greece-las-vegas-favim-com-747642

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