Do It! Just Do It!

It’s been way too long since my last post.  Shame on me. I hope you’re all doing fine ^_^  One of the reasons I’ve been absent is because I’m going through an examination period. Most of us know what this means. Nothing else exists around us but our books and notes for each one of our courses. Most of us get so nervous, we can’t literally imagine how we’re going to cope with everything. Others are more relaxed, more prepared and others simply don’t even care.

Here are some steps for you to find out how you can study without exhaustion:

  1. The secret to an ideal studying schedule is the organization. How do you organize your schedule? Do you get tired from the constant studying? Split your studying time from 10 hours a day to 2-3 hours in between the day. Don’t miss any of your daily meals and drink lots of water as it will help you from dehydrating.
  2. We all go through that phase where we need music for relaxation. Believe me, music is not what you really need during studying. If anything, it will only keep you from focusing and take you to other places. So I suggest you to not go for it.
  3. You always wonder what is the ideal place for studying. You try out many places in your house and many postures. The only place which can actually help you do your studying is your desk. The worst place in my opinion is your bed.
  4. Revision before entering class at the day of your exam can only make you even more nervous and forget everything. All the work has to be surely done the days before the final day.
  5. Some people need daylight to study, others are okay with the moon. In my opinion, your brain works better in the morning.
  6. Studying with friends/relatives/significant others can only make you miss valuable time of actual studying.
  7. You can speak out the paragraphs you must memorize. Your brain processes everything better. Silent studying is more risky and forgettable.
  8. Orange juice’s vitamins can be very reinforcing. Don’t miss on drinking it!
  9. You can try studying in the library. Some people manage silent studying but for me that’s practically impossible so that’s something I would probably, personally never recommend you.
  10. Have confidence and believe in yourself. You can do it!

Good luck to everyone & have a nice summer ♥

To be continued xx



Fear. Fear is one of the most common and likely things to occur. An average person has the sensation of fear on a daily basis in almost everything around him. The duty, the will, the option. Fear can lead to many things. One of the most dangerous of them for example; anxiety. Anxiety is a major issue. Anxiety can kill. Anxiety is poison.

As much as I keep telling myself to avoid being nervous. I always end up following a different direction.  My whole life has been this way, full of anxiety, even about the most minor and ordinary stuff. My mother used to say when I was little; “My dear, there’s no rush on growing up. Enjoy your simple life now”. And she couldn’t have been more right.  Now that I’m without her, I deeply feel the meaning of her words right through my bones.

In other words, many of us have a life but how many are actually living it? Fear is no answer to that but can easily be the termination. As long as we keep our fingers crossed waiting for nothing. Fearing to react, fearing to live our lives the way we are supposed to. This is the definition of ridiculousness. This needs to change, this must change.

But then again there are years and years of same old habits. Can we ever be brave enough for something like this (change)?

To be continued xx                             


Protect what’s yours

I am a movie addict. And I mean it, literally. A movie that has marked my life is an action drama by one of my favorite directors James Wan and it’s called Death Sentence.

Death Sentence or Η Θανάσιμη Καταδίκη, is a film which tells the story of a mild-mannered man Nick Hume (played by Kevin Bacon) who is having a perfect life and so a perfect family. He is more than happy alongside his wife Helen (played by Kelly Preston) and two sons, Brendan (played by Stuart Lafferty) and Luke (played by Jordan Garrett). One gruesome night however changes everything as his eldest son Brendan is murdered by a new gang member and the younger brother of the gang’s leader Billy Darley (played by Garrett Hedlund). Transformed by grief, Nick goes after the person who ended his son’s life and finds himself in an endless hunting with many following deadly consequences.

Besides the interesting plot and characters, this movie also includes an amazing soundtrack. Well filmed scenes and excellent performances.  James Wan never fails to offer you what you desperately need on screen, awesomness. Moral of the story; Justice is far beyond from what you think. Everybody thinks they’re right in a war. Just watch it!

To be continued xx death_sentence_poster_contest_by_c0g_graph1x

The Pure Ones

Look how beautiful the world is out there. Though there are so many obstacles and sad situations, look at the sea, the sky and the sun. Take a deep breath and feel the energy of life. Look at the mistakes, and then look at your achievements and the ones that are to come. You have an immense power and you have me by your side and I will never leave your hand…if you ever fall again, I’ll be there to hug you and show you that everything is possible.

Precise words coming out of the mouth of a very special person in my life.  There are moments like these I’m grateful for making some people a priority since they rightfully deserve to be. If there’s a massive human hater out there, then that’s probably me. But not all humans are the same. They’re rare but they’re real. We come up to a conclusion most of the times that we see humans but no humanity. Oh boy. If only more of us knew how to properly open our eyes and figure to acknowledge.

True friends are like diamonds. Precious and rare. False friends are like leaves, found everywhere. – Anonymous

To be continued. xx                       large



It’s all about the spirit

Bilingualism [bahy-ling-gwuh-liz-uh m or, Canadian,ling-gyoo-uh-]

1. the ability to speak two languages fluently.
2. the habitual use of two languages.
3. Canadian. a government-supported program encouraging all citizens toacquire a knowledge of both English and French.
(source of meaning; 

As it may be already obvious, english is not my mother tongue. But I’ve been learning/using english for over twelve years estimated. It’s a language I have a deep connection to and love wholeheartedly. My mother tongue is greek.  A language I also feel incredibly proud and lucky to be fluent in as it is one of the oldest languages in the world. As a result of knowing both english and greek, I’ve been coping with many privileges as well as many difficulties in my daily routine. I often forget greek words but remember their english meaning and vice versa.  However, I think it’s something natural and that multilingual people are truly gifted. It’s very nice to expand your knowledge and educate yourself with not only the language but also history and tradition of many different countries. It’s extremely interesting. Future updates are to be expected in both languages. It’s all about how you can express yourself better.  I, personally, have days where I’m inspirational at both languages but also at only one of them. You can’t really predict what a day shall bring to you. In any case.

To be continued xx                        athens-dubai-greece-las-vegas-favim-com-747642